Custom Doors

Our doors are elegant portals inviting the outdoors in. Customized front entrances, unique patio and balcony designs, glass walls revealed with the push of a button. Schötten Fenster European doors and wall systems bring an impressive element to your custom home.

Entryways and European doors fit for a castle – or your custom dream home


It’s your guests’ first impression of your home. Our Master-Craftsmen await the opportunity to build your dream door from a variety of woods including mahogany, oak, meranti, sapeli, alder, walnut, cherry, teak. From the magnificent to “arts and crafts”, our artisans relish the occasion to build one-of-a-kind millwork.

In-swing and out-swing balcony doors


Our specialty, in-swing doors and out-swing doors, can be built with custom grid patterns, decorative glazing, and optional tilt turn operation. Because oversized doors are our specialty, we invite you to challenge us with your unique designs and ideas.

Lift Slide


The latest trend in custom home building is the lift slide door. Its ease of use, rotating a handle 180° raising each sash off the floor, allows effortless sliding. Either stacking or hiding in a pocket, these versatile door systems can be fitted with multiple tracks to accommodate your finished floor selection.

Automated doors


Whether in a bar, bathroom or kitchen, automated doors have a unique place in custom homes. We combine ease of use with impressive entryways into any room.

Open up your home or building completely to the outdoor patio or pool with Schötten Fenster’s folding door system. This type of door system allows a person to extend their living space to the outdoors without obstructions. With multiple folding door configurations and size capabilities, we can accommodate any home’s floor plan.

Pivot doors


Unique in their operation, pivot doors create a design element that makes a statement. Ask us to share our portfolio of pivot doors.