Mahogany is a dense, heavy wood with an open grain and a dark reddish color which darkens over time. In addition, this type of hardwood is usually free of voids and pockets. It planes, sands and takes a finish very well, and is highly prized by fine craftspeople. Due to its straight grain, mahogany is less prone to warping giving it superior structural stability. This hardwood has low moisture absorption and due to its compressive strength it resists bending. Mahogany’s quality and increasing rarity is making it an increasingly expensive wood.

Schötten Fenster’s custom windows are hand crafted and individually built to the architect and homeowners requests, and with annual cleaning and plishing, our custom windows will be beautiful for the lifetime of the home. The materials used to manufacture our custom windows, along with the installation products, ensure that Schötten Fenster custom windows are more energy efficient than standard windows.

The wood stain we use on our windows is able to shrink or expand with the wood depending on the season of the year. It is an environmentally friendly product because it is water based which means fewer chemicals used in the installation of our custom windows.

Since Schötten Fenster is a custom window company, we are able too accomodate designs for larger glass sizes and able to offer a warranty for our work. Unlike regular glass our laminated glass offers the homeowner better security because it is shatterproof.

Our windows use hardware that is mulit-point meaning it latches in more than one point on the window frame. Having the hardware latch more than at the handle means the window is less likely to warp over time. For all our custom windows we offer the client the option to order custom hardware. The homeowner will have the ability to pick the style and finish to fully customize their new windows.