Tilt turn window operation is simple and versatile, with just a single handle. When the handle is rotated to the vertical position, the window can be tilted inward approximately 5 1/2″ for draft-free ventilation while keeping out precipitation. When tilted the home maintains it’s architectural integrity and appearance. When the handle is in the horizontal position, the window can be swung inward into the room for ease of cleaning and egress. The multi-point locking hardware maintains continuous contact with the weather strip to keep out harsh weather and noise.

Tilt turn windows are a combination of all the most important features of any window: they have a tight seal, easy to clean, secure and allow for easy and effective ventilation.

The tilt turn window, when assembled with available accessories, will provide locking around the entire window perimeter. The many security features and Entry Resistant Fittings make your window into a “strong point”.

The cleaning of the tilt turn window is easy and convenient as it is performed from the comfort of inside the home. No ladder or precarious positions to reach. Just open the window completely in the turn position. This will rotate the sash toward you.

Because of the design of this high performance window system, maintenance is kept to a minimum. Adjustments are provided to assure proper sealing pressure throughout the long life of the window.