Our European partner offers a wide choice of folding door systems. This type of door allows you to form the interior of your house according to your vision. When closed the door offers a nice view of a large window wall, and when open you can go straight into your garden or terrace from your home. It is the only door type which when open leaves a fully clear opening since all the panels slide together to one or both sides without disturbing the opening area.

Folding doors are available in various options which allow you to choose the perfect type of door matching the interior and exterior of the building. The most common type of threshold used for this door is a standard wooden one offering an excellent seal however a low aluminium threshold is also available to enable comfort of use especially to elderly people, children, or disabled. It is also possible to make a 0 level threshold folding door. Apart from the standard inward opening folding door, outward opening is also available so that it is even easier to use them and to open fully or just a little without disturbing the interior of the building. Another possibility is to use either top railed or bottom railed gear depending on the customers needs and construction of the building.

Folding doors are also available with aluminium and bronze cladding.