The Passive House Institute Certificate is a one of a kind certification for products that meet the requirements of passive buildings. Windows certified by this institute must achieve the thermal transmittance factor Uw = 0.8 or less for the whole window and at the same time the solar heat gain coefficient for the glass g = 50% or more.

The Passive House certification requires high quality components: Super-insulating window frames, highly efficient ventilation units, thermal-bridge-free connection details and glazing which enables solar gains.

Normally, a designer cannot easily assess the energy efficiency of these separate components to be used in a Passive House.  Therefore, it is more effective to use products that have been previously certified by the Passive House Institute.

The Passive House Institute as an independent authority tests and certifies products in relation to their suitability for application in Passive Houses. Products which receive the “Passive House Suitable Component” certificate are tested according to uniform criteria. Their application makes the designer’s task much easier and contributes to the proper functioning of the Passive House.