Outward opening casement windows allow one to take advantage of the whole space inside the building. Opening such windows does not necessitate removing the flowers, decoration, curtains or blinds. Such windows can be opened fully or just a little for ventilation thanks to the friction brakes, restrictors on the hinges. The combination of comfort of use with the highest quality of manufacturing and energy efficiency make this the most common window among all Drewexim’s customers.

An outward opening casement window where the sash is flush with the frame is the most popular type of casement window among Drewexim’s customers. All the frames are very slim which gives the impression that the window is bigger than it actually is offering at the same time very interesting aesthetic aspect. The hinges used might be traditional exposed butt hinges (brass, stainless steel or powder coated with any color) or concealed friction hinges fitted on the top and bottom of the sash. This type of hinge allows one to push the sash aside a little bit to access the external side of the window for cleaning. To fit your custom window requirements, this type of windows is offered in two shapes of the frame and sash: square – modern and decorative – traditional.

Rebated outward opening casement windows feature a sash that overlaps the frame.  This system is popular in the UK market. It is equipped with concealed friction hinges which allow for cleaning the outer part of the sash (easy clean hinges). Additionally, this type of window may be equipped with fire escape hinges to provide an emergency exit.

A Scandinavian outward opening casement window is another type where the sash is flush with the frame. However, this type is common mainly in Scandinavia. Since it is a very traditional window it is equipped with traditional exposed butt hinges. It is possible to use opening restrictors to block opening the the window in full especially by children or in case the window is installed rather low in the wall. Normally, Drewexim uses multipoint locking espagnolette and handles but it is also possible to use single point locking traditional hooks. Custom windows of this type with triple glazing achieve the whole window U value of Uw=1,15 W/m2K certified by SP Institute in Sweden.